Free Plan includes following services:

  • Consulting on import/export, shipping process, quality inspections, product compliance, testing and certifications.
  • Product sourcing, obtaining supplier quotes
  • Ordering samples from suppliers

Our clients usually start with free plan after which they move to lite, pro or premium. Check out our other plans to find the one that best suit your requirements.

Lite Plan includes following services:

  • all services from free plan
  • follow up order with supplier
  • sourcing customized packaging
  • general product photography for ecommerce
  • quality inspection in our warehouse
  • organize shipping

Lite plan service fee ranges from 5%-10% depending on your purchase order value.


Order value / Service fee

Up to 10.000 USD / 10%

10.001 USD – 20.000 USD / 7.5%

Above 20.000 USD / 5%

Pro Plan includes following services:

  • all services from lite plan
  • negotiation with your current supplier
  • quality inspection at factory location
  • organize customs clearance process at destination
  • organize shipping and storage at destination
  • market and exhibition guide available *conditions apply

Pro Plan service fee is 5% and is available only for full container orders (FCL shipments)

Customized services include:

  • translation
  • graphic design
  • product bundling
  • sample inspection
  • 100% quality inspection
  • high-quality photography
  • dedicated workers on ground in Asia
  • China markets and exhibition guides

Additional services are all tailor made and can be added to any plan you select (Free, Lite or Pro), please contact us and provide more details so we can give you quote for the service you need.


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Customized Services