Our Mission

We exist to help importers achieve their vision.

About us


Importano Sourcing Group was founded in May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic craziness by its current CEO Ino Topalović. Ino started his career at a customs broker’s office in Europe after which he was involved through the years in different companies focused on manufacturing, logistics, sales and international sourcing. Since 2013 his heart lead him to move to China where he lives since with his wife. His China career started in a major US Quality Assurance firm and his long-term experience there lead him to create Importano Sourcing Group.


Why us?

With understanding all these different steps which are all part of a road from product idea to getting product to consumer seamlessly Importano Sourcing Group is your perfect choice. Why ISG? Because your passion is our passion.

Our Vision

We strive to become a top player among tailor-made sourcing firms, fulfilling the broadest spectrum of customer sourcing needs, while at the same time keeping a conscious business culture. We are firm believers that our employees are the most important component of our company. We want to allow our workers to focus on providing work that matters, with a company culture that values all employees. Our company culture encourages and rewards exceptional performance and continuous improvement, fosters teamwork, and supports a balanced attention to work and personal life.


Our Values

  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Social responsibility
  • Constant improvement
  • Listening to our clients’ needs
  • Exceptional customer experience

Career Opportunities

Importano Sourcing Group is looking for customer service team members. Contact us if you are interested in joining us.